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Why do we trust Sloan exactly?

We start with Wesley Dodds and his "Sandmen" (Cool) saving the female president. It's good to see that in this Universe they've elected one of the many female politicians who are more qualified to be president than Sarah Palin or Hillary Clinton.

An arabic fellow by the name of Kahn...

... yes, Thank you Jim, anyway this guy Kahn is receiving orders from the shadowy council of world leaders who are taking time off from giving Nick Fury crap. Anyway the jist of it is that they are discussing what to do about Grundy and the Kahn is arguing against the idea of nuking washington.

Back in DC, the new wonders are fighting against the Atom when Grundy reforms. After Grundy neutralizes the Atom, the remaining three try to take him down, but to no avail.

Back in the war room Sloan walks in. Remember Sloan? The guy who blew up most of the planet during the Apokolips war? Well guess what, the government's put him in charge of our defense. There are literally too many things wrong with that scenario for me to go into here.

Back with our heroes, still no luck with Grundy, so GL decides on an alternative strategy, enter the Grey itself and try to cut off Grundy's power. Alan enters the Grey but unfortunately learns that the Grey can't stop Grundy even if it wanted to. Then it lures Alan into joining it with an image of his dead lover.

Back in the War Room, Sloan green lights the nuclear strike. Aren't you glad we put this guy in charge?

What Works:

Everything pretty much as good as it's always been, James Robinson continues to prove to me that Cry For Justice was but a minor flaw on an otherwise fantastic record.

What Doesn't:

Okay, the Sloan thing. Really? Okay, why do we keep putting clearly evil people in positions of power. This is almost identical to Marvel making Norman "Guy in green halloween mask riding around on a glider killing people with exploding pumpkins" Osbourne the head of S.H.E.I.L.D. only Sloan is a little smarter, smoother and more composed. This guy blew up half the planet for Christ's sake, he's not exactly a guy I trust to keep me safe.



Despite some minor complaints this is a great issue. Sloan is actually a very well written villain, sort of like David Xanatos only without the sexy Actress/Mercenary wife or the righteous goatee. If you don't get that, go watch Gargoyles, it's awesome

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