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Return of the Wonders 0

The wait was worth it. This issue was fantastic. Wesley Dodds seems to be an über cool dude, and I liked that new character Amir Khan, he's kind of a Captain Nemo. As always, the art by Nicola Scott was awesome, and that spread of Alan inside the Grey was super detailed without looking messy.Please check my mini-review of Earth-Two #5 here: and feedback are always welcome!...

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"We're Wonders That Makes Us Heroes" 0

This has been a decent series and I have been thoroughly enjoying it. It took a few seconds in to remember what happened last issue, due to the zero issue but the zero issue wasn't for nothing as Terry Sloane has been introduced to the main story of the series.This issue sees Atom take on Green Lantern, Flash and Hawkgirl after they believe Grundy to be dead. Once they realise he is not Green Lantern agrees to go into the where the Grey is to try and stop it if the others look after his body whi...

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Someone watched the Avengers movie methinks 0

Earth 2 does well with its fifth issue as the tension mounts and the situation becomes touch and go as Solomon Grundy's actions now threaten to end all life on Earth. While most would agree that's probably not going to happen given that this is only the first story arc, its telling that I still feel the tension despite knowing this. That's good writing.First off, I figure I might as well point out that while the stuff with the government people is a pretty blatant allusion to SHIELD, especially ...

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Could this series be better than Justice League? 1

Here is my video review for Earth 2 issue 5. Tell me what you guys think about my video review in the comments below:...

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Keeps Getting Better 0

Another solid issue for Earth 2.The Good:As usual the art is strong and fits perfectly with this series. There is a really cool fight sequence involving Flash and its like super speed porkour. And the final page? Just beautiful.My fave character is Hawkgirl even though she is a total mystery and that is point of the intrigue with this book, all the things we have yet to learn. She plays a smaller part in this issue but that works for the story so i'm not complaining. This issue is narrated by Fl...

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Earth 2 #5 0

THE GOOD: Nicola Scott does amazing artwork and I"m glad that she is a book that is this big. The action is just fluid, the facial expressions are fantastic and the whole issue just looks top notch. The coloring in this issue also gives everything a sense of beauty and when inside the World Army Central Command Center things are much darker. The story is still continuing on from where we have been for the past few issues. The use of Solomon Grundy as the main villain is proving to be a better ch...

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Why do we trust Sloan exactly? 0

We start with Wesley Dodds and his "Sandmen" (Cool) saving the female president. It's good to see that in this Universe they've elected one of the many female politicians who are more qualified to be president than Sarah Palin or Hillary Clinton.An arabic fellow by the name of Kahn...... yes, Thank you Jim, anyway this guy Kahn is receiving orders from the shadowy council of world leaders who are taking time off from giving Nick Fury crap. Anyway the jist of it is that they are discussing what t...

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