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Earth 2 #4. Waiting for October

The Good:

I really am enjoying this series, it has a great feel and is my favorite team book being published by DC right now. It's very interesting seeing all of these Golden Age heroes young, surreal even at some points. That being said I really like Jay Garrick's and Alan Scott's characterization and Hawkgirl has a great feel of mystery.

The Bad:

I had a really hard time thinking of this as anything other than a heroes unite issue. Yeah stuff happened but none of it really furthered the plot. The inclusion of a new team member whose name I shall not reveal was interesting but felt forced and last minute just for the team-up and ultimate battle with Grundy and the rot next issue.



Although it was a great issue just not enough happened. I enjoyed it but it left me kind of bored and kind of disappointed. This issue would work really well in trade but as an individual issue it left a lot to be desired.

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