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Excellent artwork and interesting character changes.

Honesty: I wasn't and am not really hep on the new sexual orientation of Alan Scott. However, I can appreciate how the writer, J. Robinson, is utilizing this as a motivating factor for Scott in his becoming the "jade knight." In the opening pages of this issue, the reader is given the actual origin of Scott getting his powers. Some of the dialogue in this section feels really "hokey," so to speak. By this I mean, the usage of the character's dialogue in place of the familiar yellow boxes. You know, so the character says "I'm hallucinating. The pain... making me see things--", which isn't bad, but not to my liking.

The artwork throughout the issue is fantastic. Nicola Scott, Alex Sinclair & Pete Pantazis do a really impressive job in this issue. The variety of colors, the movement in frames, the utility of light are all excellent. In particular, the first frame of Hawkgirl is great. I was also very impressed with the last several pages in the issue - Grundy arising will have to go in some "classic important frames" category somewhere. I think the artwork justifies the price of the issue without a doubt. Readers will want to have this issue for most of these frames.

However, again, the writing is a bit hit or miss. During the interaction between Hawkgirl and Jay, Jay suddenly spurts out: "Trust you? Trust you?" in an incredulous manner - but as far as I can see, she hasn't said anything about trust. So, I feel the editor missed something here? Another less-favorite quote; Grundy says: " take the life...and so speed it into nothingness." I don't love that last phrase and it felt cumbersome and awkward reading it.

Overall: buy this issue, even if you have some reservations. The artwork is excellent and the beginnings of these characters is something readers will want to own.

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