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Sold ON a Wednesday...

I was really Hoping that this would turn out to be good, and i mean seriously, i was REALLY hoping that grundy would get proper treatment, but of course, my expectations were utterly trashed. I'll Cut to the chase , i did not enjoy this, not even a little, it was very generic and quite frankly bad. I've always liked grundy and i've enjoyed his small mini-series that explored his origin, which did a much better job, but of course the New 52 has to cheapen everything.

This was not an origin story, at least it didn't try to be one. i could have come up with this, i could have written this story, which makes the writing very very lazy. The Whole Point of these villain issues is to actually add something to the character, some new element that would make them either more interesting or compelling. Hell i'd even welcome some tweaks if it means that the character will evolve somehow, or at least write a good story by using the crucial core elements of the character himself. But no, this not only goes against grundy's origin but it also cheapens it as well.

The Idea is that Grundys Origin was mostly a mystery, we never truly knew who he was before, that was of course Until his mini series which established that Cyrus Goll( which By the way is his real Name, not F*cking Solomon) was a monster way before he actually became Grundy. He was an egoistic Murderer who did everything to make ends meet, and above all of that he committed suicide, which is considered as one of the worst sins imaginable. He tried correcting his mistakes but still couldn't forgive himself. The writer could have used either of these options and could have actually tried to give the new 52 grundy the depth he was lacking.

I also loved the idea that grundy changed incarnations with each death, but of course that was absolutely ignored here and wasn't even hinted. Moreover, the back story was very generic and i find it silly that a good man snapped and started singing a nursery rhyme while slaughtering people.


again, it's useless and only makes grundy worse as a character. Sure he got a fancy power up but that falls flat completely. Fancy Powers does not make up for character development.

I liked the art though, i think it was really good here, but i have some complaints with it too. Mainly that Grundy Should be a bulky Zombie, but here he looks more like a grey alien rather than a corpse-tank.

I did not enjoy this one bit, i wanted to, but i feel that it does more damage than good, therefore, i have to give it a low score.

Recommendation: No!

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