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Origins introduced on a Monday

Spoilers for this issue are in this review so look out if you plan on reading it. I'm reading all the villain month issues to give the new reader perspective. I know that Grundy here is pretty different from the pre-Flashpoint version I'm used to and I know that last we saw he was on the moon so this should be interesting.

The Good:

I can't describe how much I love the simple genius of how Grundy got off the moon. Seriously it's a great way to start an issue even if a tad cliched. I also was surprised about how similar to the classic Grundy this version was. Sure he had new powers but his personality was almost completely the same, simple and violent. This issue did a lot of showing off his powers and brute force and I found the action really enjoyable.

The Bad:

Grundy of all people goes with the traumatic life cliche here, but at least it's not a childhood. Still it reeks of "bad things happened so he became evil" stuff that I didn't enjoy very much. Also his name was literally Solomon, which I find to be a tad bit strange. Maybe it was a more common name back when he was a human, but it still feels off especially when Grundy usually has a different human name. There's some bits I could nit pick but they were more silly than bad.

Overall: Pretty good issue had a fun time reading it. Grundy fans might want to look into this one as it better connects the new version with the older version and Earth 2 fans should certainly check this out to see how Grundy got back and his origins, even if they're a tad bit bland. Although if you've really convinced yourself to hate this Grundy I suggest staying away.

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