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The Epic Begins!

The epic begins! Announces the cover of Earth 2 #1 and for once that description is true. This is truly a 5 star comic and IMHO the best thing to come out this month.


Straight away the reader is thrown into the adventure that will bring the downfall of three of Earth 2's (and any world's) iconic heroes. The narration is a good touch as is the fact that it is done in the form of a pre-recorded broadcast. Tragic as some of the events of this issue are, these events are just the forerunner of what is about to emerge in future issues. Long-time DC readers will not only have picked up that two of the major players in the future are going to be Alan (Green Lantern) Scott and Jay (Flash) Garrick, but also that Hourman (re the mention of Joan going to work for Tyler-chem) won't be too far away either. Just for good measure, Robinson ensures the Earth 2 universe won't have any Bat or Super influence as he sends Helena Wayne and Supergirl through the dimensional barrier into earth 1, where they will continue their adventures in World's Finest. The stage is set for a roller coaster ride and after the events of this issue, who can say that any of earth 2's inhabitants - heroic or not - can consider themselves to have a long term future?


Nicola Scott's artwork is top-notch all the way through the issue. Using a wide variety of page and panel layouts, her artistic qualities are shown to the full. Facial expressions, action scenes, movement and (unlike in some "big" events I could mention!) perfect anatomical ratio are all here and through them all shine Scott's desire for perfection and love of the characters.


Earth -2 is off to a great start. With the shackles of continuity removed, Robinson has the freedom to develop familiar characters in any way he wishes - the opportunity to re-invent the Justice Society if you like - and he is clearly going to enjoy doing so. With the brilliant Nicola Scott on board, this series can be nothing other than a sure-fire hit from here onwards.

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