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Earth 2 #0

Tomas Giorello provides the art for this issue and why I haven't heard of him before this is beyond me. He is amazing and adds so much details into his art work that you just stare at the pages for a while. They story is interesting to see the world a little bit before everyone died. James Robinson introduces a new character that I think is going to be really cool to see in the future. This issue really focuses on the new character but it does it in a way to introduce him as a hero even though what he does is very, very evil. The whole stuck up angle to him also does a really good deal for the character. This world that they're building is really interesting and it's a shame that we can't see more of it. 
I wish there was little more of the other characters. This was a great chance to explore the lives of these different versions of the characters and see what is different about the ones in Earth 1.  
THE VERDICT: 4/5 (Great) 
Earth 2 is a good series and this issue is a good introduction. If you wonder if this issue could get you caught up on the current story line, I would say no. This issue will probably have more effect when The Final Wonder comes into play. If you like a story that involves a new character and a very hard decision mixed in with the unpredictably then this is something that you will want to read. I highly recommend this because it was one of the better 0 issues. 

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