Concept » Earth-18 appears in 21 issues.

    World of the Justice Riders, a perpetual steampunk wild west.

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    Earth-18 is a world frozen culturally and technologically in the late 19th century by the machinations of the Time Trapper. As a result, human ingenuity has been forced to adapt and transform the available resources into the modern conveniences that are often taken for granted in the 21st Century.

    Utilizing cool spins on modern luxuries such as a telegraph internet, the Justice Riders must continue to stand tall and keep their sights set on the world’s varmints and troublemakers.

    Led by Superchief (AKA Saganowana), the Justice Riders have vowed to protect this dustbowl planet of the Multiverse. Boasting no shortage of fire power, the Justice Riders are made up of Bat-Lash, Madame .44, Strongbow, El Diablo, Cinnamon, the Trigger Twins, Firehair, Tomahawkman, Johnny Thunder and Pow-Wow Smith.

    Earth-18 is based in the Justice Riders elseworld.


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