Character » Eaglet appears in 36 issues.

    Sidekick of American Eagle.

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    Bud Pierce is the sidekick of American Eagle, and while he (American Eagle) was returning to the city to look for work, Tom is almost struck by a car, but is saved by a young man by the name of Bud Pierce. Impressed by Pierce's brave deed and surprising strength, Tom offers to pool their resources to find work. Finding an ad looking for a lab assistant, Tom goes to apply for the position, only to find that Dr. Wolfe is alive and well. Wanting to strike fear in the heart of the Nazis, Tom makes himself a costume with a cape that allows him to glide through the air. Calling himself the American Eagle, Tom thwarts the Nazi plot with the help of Pierce. Pierce later makes his own costume and together Standish and Pierce fight criminals as American Eagle and Eaglet.

    Current Events

    Eaglet is a Nedor comics character, and is the sidekick of American Eagle.

    Powers & Abilities

    Despite his young age, Eaglet (Bud Pierce) is peak human shape, and is an adept hand-to-hand combatant. He, surprisingly, saved American Eagle's life once.


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