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    E-Man is a superhero who is a living packet of energy that has taken human form.

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    E-Man is a sentient packet of energy thrown off by a nova. Traveling the galaxy he learned about life, how to duplicate the appearance of life, and about good and evil. Reaching Earth, he met exotic dancer/grad student Katrinka Colchnzski, also known as Nova Kane, and formed himself into a superhero he called E-Man, with a civilian identity he dubbed "Alec Tronn."


    E-Man was originally created for Charlton Comics. His emblem was the famous mass-energy equivalence formula "E=MC2" postulated by Albert Einstein.


    E-Man's powers included firing energy blasts from his hands, changing his appearance, and transforming part or all of his body into anything he could envision (e.g., turning his feet into jet engines so he could fly).


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