E-123 Omega

    Character » E-123 Omega appears in 48 issues.

    E-123 Omega was the final series of E series robots that Dr. Eggman built.

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    Game Description

    Dr. Eggman locked E-123 Omega in a room deactivated for many years until one day when Rouge activated him accidentally.

    Archie's Adaption

    After many years Dr. Eggman activate him in order to destroy gamma. He followed his mission in protest stating he was design to destroy Sonic. As fought shadow and gamma. When he was ready to execute gamma, Gamma launch a program that gave him free will. After destroying Gamma he was overwhelmed on what to do next until Shadow gave him an offer to work with G.U.N. He takes this as opportunity for revenge on Robotnik for wasting his potential.


    Height: 4'11"

    Weight: 2712 lbs.


    E-123 Omega has advanced weaponry and strong durablility.

    Omega's known weapons are multiple machine guns, two flamethrowers, two rocket lauchers, an omega laser gun, and razor claws.To uses most of his weapons Omega needs to retact his claws to use the weapon. Also Omega can put out machine guns out of his wrist without the retraction of his hands.

    Omega is made out of hardened steel which is very durable. High caliber bullets will hardly have any effect on Omega.

    Omega can hover with his hover jets from his back. Doing so he can travel about 200 mph.

    Omega is also has an intelligent computer brain which allows him to learn from past mistakes and have somewhat of a personality.

    Omega has a senor like most of Eggaman's creations that allows him to lock onto targets,like enemies and objects.


    He is overly eager to use his weapons in combat but knows restraint for pedestrians. He is boastful and superiority complex likely to be front lines in the battle. He hates having his talents wasted. His desire for destruction makes him favor any reckless plans or hotheaded destructive woman like Blaze.


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