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    Exploding, pint-sized member of the Son's Of Liberty, and close friend of Johnny Rocketman

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    Dyno-mite is a self-induced incendiary operative who uses his blasts to either stun or completely destroy opponents. He is a member of the military post-human team called "Paul Revere and the Sons Of Liberty." Until their deal with Bendix, all members of this team were at least ninety years old and living in various retirement homes across the US.

    Authority Revolution

    First seen out of retirement, Dyno-Mite attacked Swift in the skies above Philadelphia, critically injuring her with the aid of Johnny Rocketman. The Sons of Liberty's attack on Philadelphia was a strike against the Authority, with Paul Revere using his powers to instigate hate for the current leaders of America.
    Dyno-Mite, like many of the other members of the team showed concern about their mission, and appeared to be a quiet member of the group.
    After Swift and Apollo, after Swift suggested that his close friendship with Johnny Rocketman might be sexual, he launched into a rage fueled attack resulting in Apollo detonating Him.

    During the battle which took place outside of the White House, Dyno-Mite and the rest of the Sons of Liberty were being beaten badly, in a last ditch effort, Dyno-Mite threw himself towards the Midnighter, who ducked out of the way. Exploding in front of the Doctor, who shielded himself from the blast, he detonated Fallout, covering the area in a massive nuclear explosion, killing those around them and the Sons themselves, after Bendix had shut down their de-aging elements.


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