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    Dynamo 5 is a group of heroes that are all children of the now-dead Captain Dynamo. The group was gathered and is led by Maddie Warner, Captain Dynamo's widow.

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    Dynamo 5
    Captain Dynamo


    Captain Dynamo was the much-beloved protector of Tower City for forty years following his exposure to an unidentified form of radiation that granted him superhuman abilities, and husband of Maddie Warner, a former agent of a government superhuman monitoring organization known as F.L.A.G., who used the cover of an award-winning investigative journalist, now retired. Dynamo is found dead, naked in a hotel bed, murdered by poison, though the details of his death are not released to the public. He was assassinated by Widowmaker, who was hired by unknown persons. Although Warner initially does not know this, she does suspect that the condition and setting in which his body was found was not natural, but arranged by whoever murdered him in order to further tarnish his image. In sorting through his personal effects, Warner discovers detailed information on countless incidents of infidelity on his part. Although devastated by the extent of her late husband’s indiscretions, Warner is faced with the problem of Dynamo’s numerous enemies, who will now take advantage of Tower City in his absence. Although other superheroes attempt to pitch in to keep the peace, Warner decides that Tower City needed a permanent protector.

    Scouring through the information she gleaned from her husband’s belongings, she locates five young people she believes could be his illegitimate children: Vancouver, British Columbian high school geek Hector Chang, Washington D.C law student and activist Olivia “Livvie” Lewis, aimless ne'er do well and ladies’ man Spencer Bridges, Hollywood, California theater employee and NYU Film School graduate Bridget Flynn, and Eastbridge, Texas high school football star Gage Reinhart. Gathering them together, Warner exposes them to the same radiation that Dynamo had been exposed to forty years earlier, unlocking their own latent superhuman abilities, with each one manifesting one of the five powers that their father possessed. Donning costumes, the five of them carry on his legacy as the superhero team the Dynamo 5, while coming to terms with learning about the father they never knew, and the four new half-siblings they each now have. Although the five are unaware that Warner is a former agent of F.L.A.G., she is determined to mold them not only into a team, but into a family as well, and functions as their mentor and “unofficial sixth member”, calling the shots from the same headquarters once used by Captain Dynamo, and keeping in constant remote contact with them during their missions.

    A year after Warner assembled the team, Warner and Jennifer Chang, the mother of Visionary, are taken hostage by the team's enemies, Widowmaker, Voltage, Bonechill, Brains and Brawn, at the Aquarium, the team's underwater headquarters. Widowmaker reveals to Warner that she killed Captain Dynamo. As Warner and Jennifer Chang are rescued by Dynamo 5, the Aquarium is flooded, Warner falls into a comatose state, and Myriad is revealed to be a half-extraterrestrial, with an alien physiognomy. These events led to the dissolution of the team. Although the Noble Family drains and repairs the Aquarium, only Scrap decides to maintain her duties protecting Tower City, and eventually recruits other superheroes to replace her four siblings, and Augie Ford to replace Warner. Scatterbrain uses his telepathy to bring Warner out of her coma, during which he learns that she is a former F.L.A.G. agent. They assemble the rest of the team, and come to the rescue of Scrap and the replacement teammates, one of whom, Vigil, is revealed to be Myriad in disguise. The new team sustained serious injuries during their battle with Widowmaker and her team of mercenaries, but they villains were defeated by the combined forces of the heroes.

    After an internal conflict between the syblings occured, the group (save Scrap) resigned.  To fill their shoes a new Dynamo 5 formed consisting of Scrap, the Firebirds, Quake & Vigil .  The siblings have since patched up their differences and are working together again.
     In recent issues the team was depowered and captured by their half-sibling Synergy. They managed to break free and attempt to regain their powers, only to switch them.


       Dynamo 5 uses a number of highly sophisticated devices. The individual members of the team wear special watches that act as communication devices, allowing Warner to alert and assemble the team in an emergency, and keep in constant contact with them during such situations. The watches also possess a function that can instantly transform the civilian clothing worn by the team members into their Dynamo 5 uniforms.

     The team is headquartered at the Aquarium, a high-tech lair underneath an industrial pier that was formerly used by Captain Dynamo. The Aquarium's resources include equipment with which Warner can monitor the police radio for watch words that trigger an alert to the team of a possible emergency, and with which she can summon, monitor, and communicate with members of the team during engagements with hostile forces. The team also utilizes a teleportation device called the Jump Station, which allows them to travel instantly across the continent to meet with one another. The team can activate the Jump Station by manipulating a device on their costumes. The Jump Station can only transport persons from the station itself to another location and back, but not effect transportation directly between two other locations. The Aquarium also features a training simulator room that can present a number of threats to the team, and be programmed for a number of difficulty levels, which the team refers to as the Shark Tank, as well as an office used by Warner. One year into the team's existence, the Aquarium was flooded during the team's rescue of Warner and Jennifer Chang from a hostage situation, but was later drained and sealed by the team's ally, Doc Noble, after which it resumed function as team headquarters.


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