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    Character » Dynamic Man appears in 27 issues.

    Dynamic Man is a hero of the Golden Age and was part of the World War II superheroes team known as The Twelve. He was artificially created.

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    Dynamic Man, aka Curt Cowan, was originally an android created by a scientist named Professor Goettler who died of a heart attack when he finally activated his creation. After being activated, Dynamic Man decided to use his powers for justice and flies to civilization, not knowing himself to be an android and not an actual human being. He started out fighting petty thieves and minor gang members and the mob. Eventually Dynamic Man managed to join the F.B.I and later even helped the US Army in the fight against the Nazis.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Twelve

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    During World War II, Dynamic Man helped the superhero group known as the Invaders fight the Nazi's in Europe, as did most other heroes. While fighting the war, a group of twelve superhero's, including Dynamic Man, formed when they entered a headquarters of the SS in Berlin. It was a random group with the heroes who were nearest to the building and wanted to check out if they could find anything inside the building to help the war effort. During they're inspection of the building however, the heroes were trapped by Nazis in a basement and put to cold sleep, for studying after the war. Things however turned out different then the Nazis had hoped. The Axis didn't win the war, and the secret basement was forgotten in time. Nothing was heard from the twelve heroes from that point on. On August the second, 2008 the basement of the SS bunker was discovered during construction works on the sight and the heroes were discovered to still be alive, frozen inside their tubes. The Pentagon brought them over to America and defrosted them, asking them to work for the government once again, openly this time as the Super- Human Registration Act was in effect.

    At first it seemed that Dynamic Man had adjusted quickly to the change in eras and quickly registered as part of The Initiative, as well as once again joining the F.B.I. However, after a confrontation with Captain Wonder it appears that Dynamic Man is also out of his depth, confused with how humanity has degraded and embraced his alias as The Man of Tomorrow to hide these facts.

    Despite embracing the name The Man of Tomorrow, Dynamic Man seems to display certain homophobic tendencies in constantly referring to other men as pansies and questioning their sexuality, such as his own team mate the Blue Blade. He was also confused when chasing down a mugger that the victim was married to a black person, and instantly assumed that he was responsible for the crime.

    No Man of Tomorrow

    It was however not soon after that a disturbing phone-call came in; Black Widow's teammate Blue Blade had been killed, and it seemed that the lifeless robot Electro was to blame for it. Eventually, Phantom Reporter brought the remaining Twelve members together to expose the murderer. He revealed that Electro's control helmet revealed to him that Electro had been searching for contact while the Twelve slept. It had made contact with the synthetic brain of Dynamic Man. This enabled Dynamic Man to control Electro. Richard revealed that Dynamic Man was actually an android and used Electro to murder several people he disliked, including Blue Blade. Dynamic Man snapped and destroyed the mansion the Twelve were staying in. Phantom Reporter, Mastermind Excello, Fiery Mask and Captain Wonder found Dynamic Man at the lab of his creator Professor Goettler. During the ensuing battle Fiery Mask was killed but was able to pass his powers to Phantom Reporter (as they were passed to him). Phantom Repoter used his powers to incinerate Dynamic Man and unluckily permanently scarred Captain Wonder in the process. The lab was destroyed so that Dynamic Man could never be created again. The man of tomorrow was now history.


    The Dynamic Man and his drones have the ability to Fly, Super-strength and Invulnerability.

    Dynamic Man is very intelligent creating all of his forces and re-shaping New York by himself.


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