Dynamic Fusion Suit

    Object » Dynamic Fusion Suit appears in 12 issues.

    Bought from an advert in the back pages of The Amazing Broccoli, the Dynamic Fusion Suit allows Eddy Current to become the hero he so desperately needs to be.

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    The Dynamic Fusion Suit first appears in Eddy Current # 1 (though it was first mentioned in Eddys' first appearance in SPLAT # 3). It is delivered to Dum Dum Asylum, where Eddy is a resident after he sent out a mail order coupon from the back of his The Amazing Broccoli comic book requesting it. At first it does not work as there are no batteries included, yet when Eddy tries jacking it into the nearest electrical outlet, he gets more than he bargained for.


    In Eddy Currents' own words,

    "It seems that a combination of natural and synthetic electricity has altered this suit into more than just a strength magnifying unit. It's also become an augmented extension of my cerebral disorder."

    The suit seems to work as a power conductor at first, though Eddys' tampering with the power source and his experience with an extremely high amped electrical shock change the configuration of the fusion suit considerably.

    After this alteration, the suit is able to channel lethal jolts of electricity through itself with a simple flick of the switch, incinerating those it comes in contact with. It also enables the wearer to possess seemingly superhuman strength and, as Eddy states, acts in some way as an extension of the users psyche. When Eddy is in a state of extreme distress, he is actually able to summon down a lightning bolt, perhaps attracted to his suit and destroy the upper portion of a building.

    The suit can also work as a defibrillator, used by Nun on Eddy when she discovers him seemingly dead.


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