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First appearance of Lady Satan and the Green Knight

1. "Out of the night came these strange nomads." (7 pages) - Featuring Dynamic Man by Al Plastino

2. Tell It to the... Marines (1 page)

3. The Mystery of the Human Skulls (8 pages) - Featuring Major Victory by Al Plastino

4. Midnight Present (1 page) - Featuring Major Victory

5. "Recess time, finds the schoolhouse deserted" (7 pages) - Featuring Dynamic Boy (Kent Banning) - The Dynamic Boy in this issue is not to be confused with Ricky McQuade, Dynamic Man's later partner.

6. The Mystery of the Inlaid Box (1 page) - Featuring Dynamic Boy (Kent Banning)

7. "A cruel, fiendish, invisible menace" (7 pages) - Featuring K-9

8. Co-Operate With Your Fire Dept. (1 page) - Featuring Jack Potts

9. "A plot to embezzle thousands of dollars..." (7 pages) - Featuring Lucky Coyne by J. Cavallo

10. Ticking Treasure (1 page)

11. "A strange, mysterious woman" (7 pages) - Featuring Lady Satan by George Tuska

12. Stamp-O-Grams (1 page)

13. "Inspired by the heroic knights of old" (7 pages) - Featuring Green Knight by Al Plastino

14. That's Odd! (1 page)

15. "Can an ace pilot in an obsolete crate" (7 pages) - Featuring Sergeant Bell



none of this issue.


none of this issue.


none of this issue.


none of this issue.


none of this issue.

Story Arcs

none of this issue.

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