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Kerri Masters was as normal as any kid in North West Texas until she and her best friend fell down an abandoned well. They were trapped there for three days while crews tried desperately to rescue them. While in the well, they noticed an odd glow present in the water and found it strangely comforting as they huddled together in darkness. When the girls finally emerged from the well they were national media darlings, but they soon discovered they had gained much more than short term fame as they began to manifest strange and wonderful powers. After graduation Kerri moved to the big city to fight crime as her alter ego, Dynagirl. During her very first outing she was captured by the notorious villain Simon Hurst and victimized horribly both mentally and physically. The things that Simon forced her to do still haunt her today.


Dynagirl was created by Cary Kelley.

Powers and abilities

Dynagirl can fly, possesses enhanced strength and senses, endurance and is nearly invulnerable. She can emit a powerful concussive blast from her hands.


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