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Dylan Cross is an underachiever who attempts to kill himself using pills which only accomplished getting him kicked out of college. So after restarting his college classes he now is years behind all his friends still studying while they are all out starting "their lives".

Dylan has a great relationship with Mason, his new college room mate that was a few years younger than him. This lasted until Mason started dating Kira which is Dylan's best friend for as long as he can remember.

One night Dylan over heard mason & Kira talking about him and Kira told mason that "I feel sorry for him, I guess" which prompted Dylan to commit suicide, he decided that he would jump off the roof of the building, he hit many things on the way down but to his surprise he survived the fall which was a relief as soon after jumping he regretted his decision.

Dylan made his way inside and decided that he wasn't going to take it anymore and first thing in the morning he was going to tell Kira how he truly felt for her, it was at this time that Dylan saw something dark, a demonic figure his in room.

The demonic figure tells Dylan that it was him that saved his life from the fall and if Dylan wants to keep on living then he will have to kill for him "Bad people. People who deserve death... one each month... We'll call it rent". Dylan refuses the offer saying he can't kill anyone and the demon breaks Dylan's arm before totally disappearing.

After 3 weeks go by Dylan starts to get really sick and is really contemplating if the demon he saw was actually real. it was at this time he got jumped by 2 guys making his way to the hospital. He made a conscious decision that he would indeed kill someone for the demon and he miraculously recover from the ailments, now Dylan has limited time to find his first victim.

After Dylan decides that he's going to take a life he narrows down the choice for a murder weapon and settles on a gun. he decides to ask his drug dealer Rex on where to get a gun. Rex doesn't own a gun or know of anyway to buy one but does mention that all his friends that have a gun stole one as it's less likely to be on the system if it's been in someone's desk since 1955.


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