Dylan Battles

    Character » Dylan Battles appears in 44 issues.

    Dylan Battles has worked for many supervillains but now aids Manhunter with her equipment.

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    Dylan was an ex-minion for Mr. Freeze, the Joker and others. Kate Spencer comes to him for help with her Manhunter suit and threatens to rat him out to his ex-bosses if he doesn't help her. Eventually they become friends and Dylan works as Manhunter's tech assistant. When Kate begins working for the DEO, Dylan meets Cameron Chase and the two begin a relationship and become married in the future. Kate later accidentally shoots off his leg, but Dylan is able to build his own robotic leg.

    Major Story Arcs

    Street Justice

    For more information see: Street Justice

    After copping a plea with Kate Spencer, the head prosecutor of Los Angeles, and turning states evidence on some of his former employers, Dylan is put into the Witness Protection Program. He gets a job as a bus boy at Mel's Drive In. This is where he bumps in to Kate again, literally. He spills a milk shake down her shirt by mistake but runs off before apologizing.

    Later, while mowing the yard, Kate comes to see him and discus him working for her. After blackmailing him Dylan agrees. This does not go over well with Linda, who leaves him when he returns from his meeting with Kate.

    Dylan quickly gets to work building robot versions of Solomon Grundy and Cheetah for Kate, who has now become Manhunter. Dylan also sets Kate uniform to her body matrix so it will work better. He also put a tracker in her suit that will help her track Shadow-Thief easier. Lastly Dylan makes Kate a pair of gauntlets that will stop Shadow-Thief when she gets close enough.


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