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    The Little Mermaid of the Philippines

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    Dyesebel was the daughter of two normal human parents, however due to her mother obsessively collecting and gazing at artistic depictions of mermaids while she was pregnant the baby was born with what looked like a fishtail instead of legs.

    Horrified by his daughter’s deformity Dyesebel’s father took her out during a storm to abandoned her, however a lightning bolt loosed by the typhoon directly in front of him while on his way to do this convinced him to return to his home with the child.

    Knowing that having a child that looked like Dyesebel would mean nothing but trouble and condemnation in their village the couple found a small secluded islet to raise their child.

    It was not long before real mermaids saw the human child on the beach looking longingly out to sea, and she was given the ability to breath underwater like them by Diangga the sea-witch.

    Dyesebel had many adventures under the waves with the merpeople until she fell in love with a normal looking man, Diangga then informed her that along with giving humans the ability to breath underwater, she could also turn sea creatures into full humans.

    But before this could happen a former lover of the man, having found out about his growing relationship with Dyesebel, kidnapped her and sold her to a freak show in a carnival which lead to a new set of  trials for her.

    Eventually found by the man, he broke her out of the carnival and took her back to the small islet.

    In the end Diangga did turn Dyesebel into a two-legged human where upon we can assume she and the man lived…. Well you know.

    Movies and Films

    One of Mars Revalo’s most popular characters Dyesebel was the basis for one of the most popular TV series in the Philippines.


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