Character » Dwarfstar appears in 30 issues.

    A psychotic serial killer and frequent enemy of the Atom. He is a hired killer but loves it so much he would do it for free.

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    A master assassin as well as the shrinking nemesis of The Atom, Ryan Choi. Dawrfstar has been a constant thorn in Ryan's side during his tenure as The Atom. The two men were actually connected in ways they were unaware of. A woman from Ryan's past was the reason that both men gained their shrinking belts, though Ryan was deceived to believe it was from Ray Palmer himself. The woman, Jia, who was a former flame of Ryan's, she would later turn to a life of crime and become the time warping villain Lady Chronos. She refers to Dwarfstar as her "firstborn," this probably refers to her connection to his acquisition of his power belt and not his actual birth.

    He is temporarily worked with Bane as part of a back up Secret Six team. This odd union was due to regular Secret Six member Catman breaking away to seek revenge for the kidnapping, and possible murder, of his young child. Dwarfstar asks Bane what his "count" is, referring to how many people he has killed. Dwarfstar describes how much he personally loves killing, "some people kill for money, but me I do it out of love."

    Atom Killer

    Little Things
    Little Things

    Dwarfstar hired Deathstroke and his group of Villains for Hire that call themselves Titans, to kill his arch-nemesis Ryan Choi, a physics professor and costumed hero known as the Atom. Deathstroke along with Cheshire, the Tattooed Man, Cinder and the recently resurrected Osiris carried out the sadistic mission. After a horrendous confrontation at Ryan's home he was beaten and stabbed. Dwarfstar mets Deathstroke the morning after the mission at Patriot Park so he could receive his trophy. At he confirmed the money was transferred he was given a matchbox that contained Ryan Choi's dead body.

    Secret Six

    Shortly after hiring Deathstroke's team to kill Ryan Choi, Dwarfstar was recruited by Bane to join his Secret Six. Also on Bane's Six, was Giganta, Choi's girlfriend. During a mission where Spy Smasher sent the team to Skartaris, Dwarfstar makes a comment about the Atom, which leads Giganta to tell him she's the Atom's girlfriend. Dwarfstar snidly remarks "Really? How funny. Small world, huh?"

    After Bane's Secret Six comes into a stalemate with Amanda Waller's team, the two groups head back to Belle Reve to meet with Waller, who wants the Six to work for her. When the team leaves, Waller's agent, Tremor brings up Dwarfstar's history of being a serial killer and rapist. Waller knows this, but simply says "I don't think it's going to work out for him on this team, do you?"

    A short time later, Giganta invites Dwarfstar to her hotel room, where she attempts to seduce him. She begins to undress and kiss him, saying she has a fetish for small men, and that her boyfriend has the same ability. She asks if Dwarfstar knows him, then punches him yelling "His name was Ryan, you sick son of a bitch!" Revealing that Waller told her about Choi's death, Giganta, with Dwarfstar's belt, proceeds to beat him to a bloody mess. With Dwarfstar begging for his life, Giganta duct tapes his mouth shut as she continues to nearly beat him to death.

    In the hospital, Ray Palmer finds a broken Dwarfstar, to inform him that he knows what happened with Ryan Choi. Thinking Palmer would give him a deal, Dwarfstar reveals that it was Deathstroke who actually killed Choi. Palmer leaves telling Dwarfstar that he'll give Deathstroke his regards, leaving Dwarfstar to fear for his life.

    Powers and Abilities

    He wields a belt like that worn by the Atom which enables him to shrink, but he has no natural super powers. He is a skilled killer and often carries a large bowie knife as his weapon of choice.


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