Character » Dwan appears in 6 issues.

    A magmalark who found and use an autodialer so jammed it made him/her forget who or what he/she was once.

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    DWAN (achronym for "Dialer Without A Name") is a member of the Dial Bunch,a group of people from different realities who have in common than everyone has found a version of the mystical engine know as the H-dial. In the case of Dwan, the dial was damaged and set in autodial. So from time to time was changing Dwan in different imposibles characters. This situation was happened for the time enough for Dwan to forget who he or she was originally the original identity being erased under the whole pile of superheoric identities.

    When Dwan eventually joined the Dial Bunch, they were in the hunt for the Fixer, a member of the race of creators of the dials and native of the Exchange. In their fight against the Fixer, Dwan and the other dial users reached the Exchange, where the Lost Operator, the person suspected to be the creator of the dials, or at least a being capable of understand the nature of the dials, was also destroying worlds with a destructive Doom Dial.

    Dwan stayed with the dial Bunch until they reach the Exchange and fought against the lost Operator, the last of his kind. The Operator was uncapable to overrule the always changed dial of Dwan, so instead he accelerated the changes until Dwan exploted in a myriad of different mixed past identites. However the fall of the hero served fo Manteau to be inspired and prepare a strategy to defeat the Operator.


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