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    Character » D.W. Griffith appears in 87 issues.

    David Griffith was a long time associate and friend of Luke Cage when they shared the same apartment-building in a movie theater.

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    David Griffith, or "D.W." as he liked to call himself, was a film student whom moved to New York City and lived at the Gem Movie Theater. His uncle owned the theater, and David paid his rent by sweeping up the place, running the concession stand, making coffee and more choirs.


    David W. Griffith was created by Archie Goodwin and George Tuska and first appeared in Hero for Hire issue 2 (1972).

    Major Story Arcs

    Meeting Luke Cage

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    Besides that, he had a good friendship with another resident living in the GEM building, namely Luke Cage, better known as Power Man.

    The two often met inside the building and sometimes David helped Luke out with some troubles (as well as the other way around). A comical returning gag with the two friends was that the coffee-machine inside the GEM theater always seemed to have a life on it's own. No matter how they tried to repair the machine, it kept giving the wrong drinks, spilled coffee on people's clothes, or the coffee came out the machine without a cup. When Luke started living at another place, the two only rarely saw each-other again. However, if they did see one another, the two friends rekindled their friendship quickly as if no time had past.

    Mighty Avengers

    D.W. had not been seen for a number of years until more recently when he was contacted by Luke Cage again when he formed a new team of Avengers and wanted to use the Gem Theater as their base.


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