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Ah yes, here we have it, one of those comics I read that allow me to say I read stuff other then Vertigo...of course it probably doesn't help my case that the writer has several ongoings over at Vertigo and in fact this comic was previewed in one of his Vertigo comics I believe :P
Regardless, this is definitely not Vertigo, nope over at WildStorm there is one giant connected universe where the titles are all tied into each other (oh and they're about superheroes). The superhero thing isn't a turn-off as I have read plenty of good superhero comics...however the large-scale universe thing has often been a problem for me as it makes me feel compelled to read everything in said universe to feel like I'm getting the story.
Thankfully what Brian Wood is doing here is what gained him comic fame in Demo. He's telling independent stories about teenagers with superpowers. And it's wonderful. As a person with no past experience with DV8 and very little with WildStorm this comic is perfectly accessible to me. Wood says he'll incorporate it into the WildStorm universe with #8 but I'm sure he'll do it in a way that the people who appreciated the independence of the title can understand.
Now this issue differed from the previous ones in that it focuses on two characters rather then just one, and of course it couldn't have been two more polar opposites. The contrast worked very well and although at first I was disappointed each member wouldn't be getting their own story, after reading this I can see it was better for the story on a grand scale.
I found Evo to be extremely intriguing, the oddity of the team, in that of them all so far he seems to be the only one who is not seen as a god or monster...but a primal was an interesting perspective. This is definitely a series I recommend if you want to experience WildStorm but don't know where to start. Yes, I do feel there's relationships between the members I would understand better had a read the 90's series but it doesn't subtract from the story. Plus, the art is some of the best and just look at those epic covers!

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