Character » Dutch appears in 38 issues.

    Dutch is a member of Youngblood/ Brigade.

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    Dutch was originally affiliated with a group called Cybernet where he a hired gun for the team. In a mission to another country the leaders of Cybernet betrayed Dutch and cut off one of his arms leaving him there to die. After that mission Dutch replaced his old arm with a new cybernetic one he never forgave his former team for what they have done to him. He never trusted anyone after that betrayal even one of the leaders of the Cybernet "Giger", who was one of his closest allies. When the Youngblood captured Dutch he gave them much information about the Cybernet for a early release from prison. After several years of peace and quiet a member of the Youngblood called Sentinel offered Dutch a spot on the team so they can stop his former friend Giger from taking over the world.

    Powers and Abilities

    Dutch has many implants that let him do things like have peak human strength, durability, and speed and has the ability to be a technopath as shown when he hacked a robots self destruct system instantly. Dutch is an expert in using firearms and is a well trained hand to hand combatant


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