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    Cassie St. Commons was a typical ESU student until a meeting with Black Marvel changed everything.

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    Cassie St. Commons was once a normal girl and first appeared in Slingers number 0. She enjoyed standing out in a crowd, with her jet black hair, tongue and nose piercings, and even a tattoo on her face. She was invited to join the group Slingers by the Black Marvel. Cassie accepted, and then had to participate in an initiation rite.


    Cassie Commons was created by Joseph Harris and Adam Polina and first appeared in Slingers #0. The Dusk suit however already first appeared in Spider-Man Issue #90 and was worn by a Rebel-Leader from the Negative Zone. When he died, he gave the suit to Spider-man, whom used it the following issues.

    Major Story Arcs

    Dead Before Arrival


    After Cassie accepted membership of the new superhero group Slingers, she participated in an initiation rite. She was told to jump from the roof of one building to another. While her teammates had access to an array of powers to help them make the jump, Cassie did not. She fell to her death.


    She was then reborn, no longer dead, but not exactly alive either. She was Dusk. Upon her revival, she found she had the ability to teleport anywhere via swirling shadows, as well as a precognitive ability that allowed her to feel where her teammates were, and if they were in danger. Later, she also developed the ability to manipulate shadows, as well as transport groups of people. Dusk wondered the earth after the team broke up.

    Ms. Marvel and Loners

    Dusk was later taken controlled of by the Puppet Master in a plan to sell several super powered females to the highest bidders in South America. Following his defeat at the hands of Ms. Marvel. Cassie disappeared and since then, her parents have been trying to tack her down, including using Mattie Franklin to track her down through the Loners. She has since been seen in the shadows of two her former teammates.

    Las Vegas

    One day, she received a psychic alert that her old teammate, Ricochet, was being attacked by an interdimensional being in Las Vegas. She quickly teleported there to save him. A man using the identity of their dead teammate, Hornet, told them the creature will only attack someone truly evil. Because it left them alone and primarily attacked Ben Reilly, they decided to team up with Hornet, eventually reunited with Prodigy as well. When the new Hornet brought them to see the Black Marvel, who they thought dead, Dusk immediately recognized him as a demon in disguise. With this information, she and her fellow Slingers quickly allied with Reilly instead.


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