Team » Durlans appears in 96 issues.

    An alien race of shapeshifters. They were one of the races that joined forces to take over Earth during the Invasion!

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    Durlans are shape-shifters, able to mimic any object or being's molecular pattern. Their home, Durla, was ravaged by the Six-Minute War, a nuclear holocaust that took place thousands of years ago. Durlans are nomadic, living in tribes who prohibit off-worlders from visiting their radiation-scarred planet, which the Durlans rarely leave. On the only occasion they have invaded Earth, they were defeated by the world's metahumans.

    They are also responsible for causing the downfall of the Green Lanterns; through the use of their shapeshifting powers, they were able to deceive the universe into believing that the Green Lantern Corps was a tyrant organization. As a result, they forced the Green Lanterns to go prove their worthiness to the universe and regain their respect.

    They are highly profiled in the 31st century, where one of their own, Chameleon Boy is member of the Legion of Superheroes. Also, R.J. Brande, the richest man in the galaxy, also was secretly a Durlan.

    The Durlans also have multiversal presence. In earth-8, they secretly invaded the planet, posing as heroes and causing a civil war among its heroes. Their plan however was thwarted.


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