Durham Red

    Character » Durham Red appears in 194 issues.

    Durham Red is a mutant vampire who replaced Johnny Alpha as the featured character of Strontium Dogs.

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    Durham Red was born after the Atomic War of 2150. Her vampire-like need for blood made her an outcast even among other mutants. When a chance to escape Milton Keynes ghetto came, she gladly joined the Search/Destroy agency as a bounty hunter, where her enhanced abilities came in handy. She spent decades on the frontier planets of the Galaxy, tracking down the lawless, the insane, or the merely unpopular, sometimes working with or against fellow Stronts like Johnny Alpha or Middenface McNulty, until she tired of the game and put herself in a voluntary suspended animation lasting centuries.

    When she woke, it was to a new order. "Normal" humans and the warped bloodlines of mutants remained separate; a war between them, along with meeting various alien races, had led to the Pan-Species Accord, which in theory gave mutants equality, but in practice those with undamaged genes held the real power. Red found that an entire religion had grown up around her, which saw her as a Saint of Mutants. Naturally, very few Normals saw her in that light.

    Judas Harrow, the fanatical worshipper who awoke her, quickly found the real item far different from the "saint" of his Sunday School days. But he chose to accompany her anyway as she explored her new reality. Another unlikely companion would soon join them: Matteus Godolkin was pledged to destroy followers of Saint Scarlett, and when the actual "Saint" herself turned up alive, he tried to do his religious duty, but in the process Red bit him and took his blood. Believeing that being bitten by a vampire meant he was now under her thrall, he seemingly had no choice but to obey and worship her even more fanatically than Harrow. (In fact her vampirism doesn't work that way. All her bites do is hurt and drain blood. But don't tell him that.)

    She would continue to live for at least another thousand years or more, and would live to see the time when mutants would finally outnumber human norms, as the children of Earth continued to diverge and adapt to new worlds across the universe.

    Durham Red/Bloodrayne

    Durham Red is a leather-clad vampire that strongly resembles Bloodrayne. Durham was created in 1987, and the creators of Bloodrayne has stated that it's merely a coincidence that they are almost identical. Believe it if you want.


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