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    Who was that masked man? No, not the Ranger, the other one!

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    To most people saddle tramp / ranch hand Steve (last name unknown as he gave a different one in every town he visited*) was just an another wandering cowpoke, however when the innocent were in danger he would don a black hat, suit of clothes, and mask and ride out as the Durango Kid.

    While not as well known today, save for a small group of fans, The Durango Kid was a character played exclusively by Charles Starrett in a series of 68 B-movies produced from 1940 to 1952, and noted for their stunt work (aided in some cases by also speeding up the film.)

    The Durango Kid also appeared in a comic book series starting in 1948 which benefited from the early comic artwork of Frank Frazetta.     
    Later in the series it is revealed that he is the ancestor  of the other feature of the comic Dan Brand The White Indian, and while never stated as such we can then assume that his last name must also be Brand.


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