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    The belge (French part of Belgium) ''maison d'édition'' was created in 1898 and in 1922 they started to publish ''illustrated romans'' (Les bonnes soirées), Jean Dupuis (1875-1952) was the creator.

    In 1985, the company was sold to Groupe Bruxelles Lambert qnd Hachette.

    Since 2004, Dupuis has been part of the Média participations group.

    In 2015, Dupuis joined 12 other players in the publishing world to found Europe Comics, a project co-funded by the Creative Europe program of the European Commission.

    • Collection
    • Aire libre
    • Azur
    • Collection du Carrousel
    • Carte Blanche
    • Empreinte(s)
    • Expresso
    • Grand Public
    • Horizons
    • Humour Libre
    • Les intégrales Dupuis
    • Péché de Jeunesse
    • Punaise et puceron
    • Repérages

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