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    Dupli-Kate is a member of the Guardians of the Globe and a former member of the Teen Team.

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    Centuries ago in medieval China the war lord Fung Cha slew the country's evil emperor, claiming the throne for himself. With his dying breath, the emperor cursed Fung Cha, informing him that the seventh generation after his seventh grandchild would be burdened with a family to large too care for, and driven mad as a result. Just under 20 years ago Fung's descendent Tsing Cha fell victim to that curse. Tsing was just waiting for a child. Tsing's wife died giving birth to twin children, Kate and Paul, leaving him to raise the children alone, but when the pair became toddlers they suddenly began to split into hundreds of identical duplicates. Unable to cope, Tsing was institutionalized and the children were taken into state care. Numerous scientists failed to figure how Paul and Kate's powers worked, but luckily when they reached puberty they finally developed control of their powers, able to generate and reabsorb their doppelgangers at will. For a while they formed a crimefighting partnership as Dupli-Kate and Multi-Paul, before Kate joined Robot's Teen Team.


    Dupli-Kate was created by Robert Kirkman, her first appearance was in Invincible #2.

    Major Story Arcs

    Kate was a valued member of the Teen Team for four years, at some point beginning a clandestine relationship with teammate Rex Splode, shortly after Robot announced his intention to disband the group Rex's girlfriend and fellow teammate Atom-Eve caught Rex and Kate together, exposing their affair. Atom-Eve broke up with Rex, and he and Kate became an item.Shortly thereafter the Guardians of the Globe were murdered by Omni-Man. Auditions were arranged by the government to find new members to establish a new incarnation of the team, with Robot in charge of selections, Kate and Rex were amongst those chosen. More notable early missions include repelling an extradimensional invasion by the Flaxan Empire, apprehending the crimelord Machine Head, and battling both Omnipotus the world shaper and the mind controlling Mastermind. Kate is now dating the Immortal, her relationship with Rex having ended when he found her cheating on him with her new paramour. Though it is unclear just how seriously Kate views her latest romance, the Immortal is clearly smitten, admitting as much to teammate Black Samson.

    Not long after the Immortal decides to marry Kate despite how his marriages in the past have left heartbroken and depressed. Kate and the Immortal have a small private wedding and announce to their friends afterwards they are now husband and wife. Rex with a smile then tells the Immortal, "Congratulations you couldn't have picked a better girl".

    Right after that the Guardians of the globe are needed to help prevent the sequids attack. Only those with skin strong enough that sequids can't break through are allowed to depart for the trip leaving Kate and a few others behind. At the same time the Lizard League make an attempt to capture a US nuclear missile base to trigger WW3, Cecil has no choice but to send is last three Guardians; Dupli-Kate, Rex Splode, and Shrinking ray (a rip off of ant man).


    As a result of the supernatural curse placed upon her family, both Dupli-Kate and her brother possess the ability to create identical physical duplicates of them selves at will. It is not known precisely how her powers work, although the duplicates bodies seem to "split off" from within her, she does not undergo mitosis process like that of cells, creating identical entities each with half the mass of the original. Each duplicate possesses the same mass as the original. Through concentration, Kate "splits off" a single duplicate. Although she can create multiple selves consecutively, she cannot bring into being more than one duplicate at a time. It is not yet known the exact number of duplicates of herself she can create consecutively before taxing the ability. She has produced as many as a hundred at one time. Each of the duplicates is capable of independent thought, feeling and action, although they are telepathically linked from formation to absorption. If one is injured or killed the others would be affected, although the experience would be traumatic for all existing counterparts. It is not known if death to the original body would automatically kill all the other duplicates.

    At first, accidental multiple copies created moral challenges, as large numbers of unwanted copies could not be simply eliminated. However, when it was later realized that the duplicates memories were all linked to the original Kate, it left no moral reason to prevent the reversal process. Removing a Kate duplicate is a relatively simple process due to quantum entanglement (all original particle are linked to there duplicate particles). Dupli-Kate's duplicates remain in existence for as long as she wills them to. When she wills them out of existence, they are seemingly "absorbed" back into her body. It is not yet known whether they automatically disappear if the original is rendered unconscious.

    Dupli-Kate also possesses extensive martial arts fighting systems including ground grappling, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Taekwondo, American boxing, Muay Thai, and kickboxing.

    Character Information

    • Real name: Kate Cha
    • Occupation: Adventurer
    • Ientity: Secret
    • Legal status: Citizen of the U.S with no criminal record
    • Former aliases: None
    • Place of birth: Republic of China
    • Marital status: Single
    • Known relatives: Tsing Cha (Father), Paul Cha (Brother), Fung Cha (Ancestor), Unrevealed mother
    • Group affiliations: The new Guardians of the Globe, formerly the Teen Team, partner of Multi-Paul
    • Base of operations: Guardians of the Globe Headquarters, outside Utha
    • Height: 5' 6"
    • Weight: 115 lbs
    • Hair: Black
    • Eyes: Brown
    • Strength level: Kate possesses the normal human strength of a woman her age, build and height who engages in intensive regular exercise.

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