I have something to say about this whole Flash situation.

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Ok. They killed Bart Allen. After 13 issues, right? Stopping the new writer's run pretty short. As I understand it, the series wasn't recieved well at first, but it apparently gained some momentum later on, and was gaining a good fanbase. Now, this all seems pretty reminiscient of the Post-Crisis Flash situation, doesn't it? They kill Barry, and make Wally the Flash. Now, I was not at a conscious age back then, but as best I understand it, people were none-too pleased about the change. But DC was pretty adament about making change, and did what they wanted. Eventually, the masses accepted Wally, and most even applauded the change.

What this current situation says to me is that the current comic book industry as a whole can't seem to commit to one thing that they want to do. I'm not sure if this is due to an inablity to handle angry fans, or just that they can't make up their mind. In comparison to the Barry/Wally trade-off, this makes the industry look weak and almost malleable. It's extremely disappointing that so much is decided by the fans and that these peoples' visions can't be free to be created. Given, the creator's visions aren't always the best from everyone's standpoint, but that's how these thngs are decided. You see what works and what doesn't. But at least give it a shot. I almost have pity for the Flash writer. They just canned a job that he was apparently enjoying immensely, and one that many thought he was good at. But the people wanted Wally back. Doesn't the industry know by now that the fans can NEVER handle change? It shouldn't surprise them, and it certainly shouldn't affect what products that they want to put out. I understand that they have to make money, but this is a creative business. So by God, create what you want! Don't submit because the fans throw a temporary tantrum!

All that said, Wally is in fact my favorite Flash, and I will probably be buying All Flash.

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my favorite will always be barry even though when he died i was also not of consious age but my father did have his comics so i read them

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I don't think it's common enough to really make them look weak. I'm pretty sure something like this happened before, popular demand and sales forcing them to change their ideas.

As for the Flash, I'm pretty disappointed they killed Bart. I was starting to accept him, but oh well... Wally is still my favorite so I can't complain.

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It might not be the industry as a whole, because after all (and I hate to say it), Marvel has successfully shifted their status quo. I just see DC, very often and recently, succumbing to a lot of fan stuff. Personally, I think that 52's major success with the fans is what is impeding on Countdown. DC got confident, and now we have this weekly promotional garbage.

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yeah the industry is falling fast and i think its gonna be a cataclysmic explosion that rocks the world forever

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