who is the best Robin?

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#1 Posted by blade hunter (1917 posts) - - Show Bio

who is the best Robin out of Dick Grayson, Jason todd or Tim Drake

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#3 Posted by Jokerette (178 posts) - - Show Bio

1- Tim
2- Dick
3- Jason -eeeeww- Joker GO! Crush him! KILL... a-hem. hee hee...

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#4 Posted by G'bandit (13664 posts) - - Show Bio

hey!!!!!!!!! it was short but the spoiler was a robin too!!!!!!!!!  there been 4 robins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol 

but still uhhh everyone will agreed is tim drake.. even dick grayson said it.... maybe he said it to get jason todd mad but he said it!!! 

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#5 Posted by knife (73 posts) - - Show Bio

Dick Grayson is the best, his intelligence surpasses even the Batman.

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#6 Posted by inferiorego (25673 posts) - - Show Bio


There are four of these on the first page alone in the search function. The one above is not the earliest one, but the most active.

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#7 Posted by NightFang3 (12317 posts) - - Show Bio
1 - TIM
2 - DICK

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