Is my friend's summary of the 4 Robins correct?

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So I've started reading some of my friend's Batman comics he's collected over the years. I find the character of Robin to be interesting as I didn't know there were 4 people that played him. I knew there were two but that was only based upon having grown up watching Batman the Animated Series. My friend explained the 4 Robins in this way to me:

Damian Wayne: The Unknown Robin. Unless you've read the comics, you probably would not know that he exists as he appears very little outside of the comics

Jason Todd: The Forgotten Robin. Sandwiched between two better known Robins. Short tenure for being Robin, killed off, brought back and has become more known as Red Hood than as Robin.

Tim Drake: The Popular Robin. Was the cool one and the only one to ever have his own comic book series as a Robin.

Dick Grayson. The Famous Robin. The original with the longest tenure as Robin. He's the one you see in nearly all television and film media involving a Robin though he hasn't been Robin in any of the comics for decades.

Is my friend's summary correct, or are there better ways to describe how each of them are different?

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Pretty shallow, but not inaccurate. They're deeper than that. Especially Damian.

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Dick Grayson is the only Robin needed and the Nolan movies found no need for Dick at all. The cartoons use Dick Grayson only, except for Young Justice which used both Dick Grayson and Tim.

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I think it opinionated and people could disagree with it, but it is correct in a lot of ways

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