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Dunwich Sanatorium is a mental hospital, that quickly became a front to churn out hit men and assassins for gangsters and corrupt government officials. Then Algernon Rottwell was admitted to this sanatorium, where the doctors dubbed him as "incurable". Shortly afterwards, Rottwell started a riot and used the ensuing chaos to take control of the place. He then became known as Doctor Rottwell and carried out countless depraved, twisted experiments here, soon earning him the nickname of "Doctor Rot".

Major Story Arcs

Wolverine: Insane in the Brain

Wolverine admits himself to Dunwich to track down some missing homeless men, whose last seen where abouts was Dunwich. Wolverine quickly becomes caught up in Dr. Rottwell sick and twisted experiments. With the help of Nightcrawler and Psylocke Wolverine is able to shut down Dunwich and seemly kill Dr. Rottwell.


For more information see: Rot

Sometime after leaving Dunwich Logan has been used to commit murders for the seemly dead Dr. Rottwell. His first stop on tracking down the doctor is Dunwich. While there he finds Dr. Rottwell patient file and is jumped by some of the doctor's Flesh Puppets. Logan makes it out of Dunwich but he can't escape the nightmares it has caused.


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