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    Character » Dumb Bunny appears in 75 issues.

    A member of the Inferior Five, Tough Bunny is stronger than an ox -- and almost as intelligent.

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    Athena Tremor is the daughter of Princess Power (a parody of Wonder Woman). Initially it was believed that her father was Steve Tremor, Princess Power's long-time lover (a parody of Steve Trevor). However, it was later revealed that her father was Professor Theo O'Day, making her the half-sister of Angel Beatrix O'Day. By day, Tough Bunny makes her living as a model. She joined with several other superhero progeny to form the Inferior Five.


    Dumb Bunny was created by E. Nelson Bridwell, Joe Orlando and Mike Esposito.

    Character Evolution

    Silver Age

    This Age introduced her current origin and powers. In this incarnation her name was Dumb Bunny.

    New 52

    Nothing about her origin, personality, or powers have been altered, but her name has been changed to Tough Bunny.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Inferior Five

    Dumb Bunny acts as the muscle for her team, the Inferior Five, joining in several adventures that result, to the surprise of all involved, in victory for the team.

    Angel and the Ape

    Dumb Bunny joins her team in fighting Gorilla Grodd with Angel O'Day, her half-sister, and Sam Simeon, on whom she has a crush. When Grodd continues to insist that Sam is in love with Angel, Dumb Bunny attacks him. She is stopped by Merryman, but the distraction allows Grodd to turn the team into gorillas. When they are turned back into humans, Dumb Bunny again attacks Grodd, and he snaps her neck, paralyzing her. Sam is able to restore Dumb Bunny using a reality warping machine.

    Seven Soldiers: Bulleteer

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    Bunny makes a very brief appearance in the comic Seven Soldiers: Bulleteer #3 - 21st Century Schizoid Supermen as a booth babe, making jokes about her brain. She is seen, out of her usual red costume and instead is in a more revealing pink costume, signing autographs for fans.

    The Brave and the Bold

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    Dumb Bunny and the team are plucked out of 1972 by the Legion of Substitute Heroes. The two teams share a misadventure. At its conclusion, Dumb Bunny and the rest of the team are accidentally dropped off in 2010. During their mission, Bunny shows that she may be secretly more intelligent than she lets on as she understands a complex scientific problem the teams are facing. Bunny may pretend to be more dimwitted than she actually is, possibly as a character she enjoys to portray or for her friends who are unfortunately, not pretending when it comes to their various problems and limitations.

    Ambush Bug: Year None

    Dumb Bunny marries Ambush Bug in Las Vegas, implicitly while both are intoxicated. She seems excited for their relationship to work, while Ambush Bug is horrified at the idea of marriage. After he dimension hops for some time in an effort to divorce her, Ambush Bug decides to remain married to Dumb Bunny. They apparently divorce sometime later.


    Tough Bunny joins her team in fighting the forces of Gridlock. When Bat-Mite arrives and reboots the team, she is transformed into the super-fast Rabbit. However, she realizes that her team has become vicious, and she begs Bat-Mite to turn them back, which he does.

    Alternate Versions

    The Superior 5

    Lagomorph, of the Superior 5, is a serious, villainous adaptation of Dumb Bunny.

    Powers and Abilities

    Tough Bunny is superhumanly strong and durable. She is not very intelligent, and is aware of this, though she may be more intelligent than she lets on.


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