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    She was provided flight for the other freedom fighters and provided cavalry in dire situations. She can be called up by ultrasonic whistling.

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    Originally appearing in the SatAM cartoon, she was brought into the Sonic the Hedgehog Archie series like other characters on the show.


    Bio given by Ken Penders
    Bio given by Ken Penders

    Growing in a peaceful dragon colony that soared the skies of Mobius, her mother and people were roboticized. This leads to the surviving dragons including Dulcy to retreat to a hidden dragon city called Vesuvio where they are forced to stay hidden so they do not suffer the fate of the other dragons with anyone leaving becoming exiled. She instead goes to help the Freedom Fighters after discovering a secret path out of the city.

    Post Super Genesis Wave

    As she appears in Sonic the Hedgehog #281
    As she appears in Sonic the Hedgehog #281

    She has taken on a more humanoid appearance, is smaller in size and is trying to form a ninja clan to help Sonic and the Freedom Fighters. In this reality, she ran away from her home in a continent called Yurashia because different clans were fighting each other instead of the mutual threat of Robotnik. She returns home to try and change the dominant paradigm after she sees Sonic and the Freedom Fighters helping people.

    Major Story Arcs

    Steel Belted

    She later revealed herself to Dr. Robotnik and his forces. In her first appearance, she had to rescue the Freedom Fighters when a plan to roboticize Sally goes wrong.


    She ended the chase of Sonic by convincing Geoffrey St. John,Knuckles and the Chaotix that he was innocent and did not kill Sally. Dragons cannot lie, therefore Sonic was liberated and helped in stopping Robobtnik's plans.


    She destroys an asteroid sent by Dr. Eggman for Sonic and the gang by breathing fire on it.

    Don't Call It A Comeback

    She has a minor role in getting the Freedom Fighter's into space in Robotnik's ship.

    Rebel Without A Pause

    She rescues Sonic and friends from being captured by shadowbots.

    Crouching Sonic

    It is revealed that Dulcy found a mate in a dragon named Zan and is residing on Pyro island, but he abuses her regularly. He is responsible for the attack on the overlanders leading G.U.N. to kill Zan with the help of Sonic, Bunnie and Tails.

    Price of Flame

    It was discovered she used to leave Vesuvio and she was banished with the black ring on her nose, which provided her the ability to breathe fire, was taken away from her and replaced with an inhibitor ring. She tries to ask for a return to Vesuvio on account of all the good she did helping the freedom fighters, but she is incapacitated by Robotnik who reveals he has been monitoring her activities. Able to rescue a few survivors, she regained the ring that allows her breathe fire again, she is also the ambassador of Vesuvio to the outer world.

    Post Genesis Wave Stories

    Wings of Fire

    Sonic and the Freedom Fighters head to Yurashia to retrieve a Gaia key from an old man, they encounter Dulcy here and her make-shift Freedom Fighters, the Shinji clan, they are told the person they are to retrieve the key is at the temple and they have to rescue him from the now-corrupted spirit. She and her team help the Freedom Fighters to ambush the Egg clan that tries to attack Sonic while he is fighting the spirit. She later agrees to join them in the final battle along with her team.

    Other Media


    Sonic the Hedgehog Animated Series (Satam)

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    She appears as a main character in the 2nd season of the series voiced by Cree Summers. Her first appearance is in the episode "Game Guy". Apparently, the writers added her because they needed more female members in the cast.


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