Duke of Deception

    Character » Duke of Deception appears in 72 issues.

    An illusion-casting servant of Ares who battled Wonder Woman on several occasions.

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    Major Story Arcs

    Golden Age

    One of Ares' most trusted allies, the Duke of Deception was one of Wonder Woman's earliest enemies. He uses his illusions to spread falsehoods among humanity to provoke them into conflict and war. During World War II, he worked with Lord Conquest and the Earl of Greed to worsen the hatred between countries. He has taken several disguises over the years, including Wonder Woman, and he often vainly projects an attractive illusion of himself. He had a daughter named Lya, who at one point tried to overthrow him.

    Modern Age

    He appeared Post-Crisis as one of several villains who allied themselves with Circe. He was mentioned as a servant of Ares, and used his illusions to create duplicates of himself. He was defeated by Wonder Woman and her allies, and presumably imprisoned.

    Alternate Versions

    The Legend of Wonder Woman

    The Duke of Deception.
    The Duke of Deception.

    The Duke of Deception is a moniker used by a servant of Ares and Hades, a personification of deceit. He manipulated a young man named Thomas Byde to kill himself, and thus possessed his body. Using his illusions and necromancy, he became famous during World War II as a being who raised the dead.


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