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    Dudley is a british boxer who values finesse, etiquette and sportsmanship over everything else. His sharp and swift boxing style made him rise to the title of Heavyweight champion.

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    Known as the Gentleman Boxer, Dudley dominated the heavyweight boxing world with his speed and technique. Dudley is the son of a succesful businessman who used to be a honored athlete. Dudley always wanted to become a fighter, but his family told him he was too small and frail. So he focused on etiquet and manners while growing up. During college Dudley's father's business began to fail and Dudley took up professional boxing to provide for his family.
    Dudley seems to have a rivalry with fellow boxer Balrog, who he sees as a worthy opponent, but also as a greedy pig of a man. Dudlington hobbies include tending to his garden and spending time there. He also seems to be fond of his roses, spending time tending to them or collecting them for his garden.


    In Street Fighter 3 Dudley particiaptes in the Street Fighter Tournament in order to win back his car. The car used to be a gift from his father and it was sold during an auction. Dudley was quite attached to the vehicle and went after the buyer, a mysterious man named Gill. What Duley didn't know, was that Gill is actually the boss of a secret criminal organisation.  Dudley fights his way to the top and manages to have a duel with Gill, even beating him. As a result Gill hands him the keys of the car. Some time later Dudley has been knighted by the Queen of England for his achievements in the boxing ring. He is invited to fight in front of the Royal Family. So in order to train himself for the upcoming match, Dudley travels the world.

    After the events of Street Fighter 3 , Dudley is seen pondering about his missing car. He receives an invitation about a new Street Fighter Tournament. Dudley was at the time sitting in his garden, drinking tea, when he got the invitation. Liking the idea of adding new roses to his garden, Dudley enters the Tournament. Dudley again makes it through the tournament, but doesn't have a single rose to add to his garden. While he is lamenting, he notices a new breed of rose in his own garden.

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