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The son of Albert Caldecott and great-grandson of Richard Swift, also known as the Shade, Dudley Caldecott was born and raised in England, probably London. It is unclear if he is a hereditary peer or a life peer; evidence seems to suggest hereditary. If so, he inherited the title and accompanying social position and power from his father upon his father's death. At some point he developed an inner circle of occultists and corrupt industrialists, becoming a leader of the vaguely-named "Group," and providing members with access to mysterious supernatural beings that had first been discovered by his father.


Dudley Caldecott was created by James Robinson and Frazer Irving.  

Major Story Arcs

The Shade 

Along with fellow Group member Miles St Aubrey, Caldecott formulates a plan to assassinate his notorious great-grandfather in an effort to put him off any investigations into the ways that he is using the family name and fortune to engage in myriad illegal activities. When this fails he and St Aubrey formulate a new plan, orchestrating the capture and subduing of the Shade using their captive supernatural beings to cancel out his powers. Shade manages to escape their clutches by tricking the Group into unleashing the beings. After Shade defeats the beings, he kills Dudley. 

Powers and Abilities

Dudley Caldecott has no known personal superhuman powers or abilities. He has access to the energies of a group of mysterious supernatural beings which grant him luck in his endeavours. He exercises some measure of political and industrial influence. 

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