Ducky's Dozen

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    Howard the Duck's nazi zombie extermination squad.

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    Howard the Duck under the authority of ARMOR has gathered a team of superheroes to stop nazi zombies who have the means and intent to extend their reign beyond their conquered world not just to other planets but also to other dimensions. Howard and veteran SHIELD agent Dum-Dum Dugan are the leaders of the group. Howard had already assembled Eternal Brain, Taxi Taylor, Battlestar, Blazing Skull, Breeze Barton, Dragoon, Flexo, Dynaman, Gur, and flier Red Raven. Their mission to stop the nazi zombies is tough and arduous, and members of the team are slain at each turn. Their first opposition comes from zombified Invaders squad. Although they do receive help at one stage by the efficient and effective superhero team the Suffragists, things only get more difficult when they realize they have to contend with zombie Asgardians.


    Ducky's Dozen is a Marvel comics team created by Frank Marraffino and Mirco Pierfederici. They first appear in Marvel Zombies Destroy #1. Their name comes from being lead by Howard the Duck, who is naturally a duck.

    Team Evolution

    Ducky's Dozen team roster composes of several Golden Age and Atlas era Marvel characters. Some, like Blazing Skull and Red Raven, who are still relatively frequently used, but also some such as Flexo the Rubber Man and Eternal Brain who have been largely unused for decades. The team is otherwise filled with distinguishing and curious characters, Gur who is a lion man, Flexo who has super strength as well as elastic powers and enhanced flexibility and stretchiness, Psychic Eternal Brain is a brain in a jar carried around by a robot, Red Raven has the powers of flight, and Dynaman is a team heavy hitter with flight and super strength.


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