Character » Duckman appears in 17 issues.

    The duck with a dual role of "private dick, family man" : maybe that's why he can't do either very well, or maybe it's just because he's too busy chasing women or in some money making scheme.

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    Duckman is a sex-starved, shifty, scheming, somewhat stupid, work-shirking, sarcastic, spectacled gumshoe. He is a widower, his wife Beatrice died sometime after giving birth to sons Ajax, a dimwit (usually), and Charles and Mambo, genius twins who share the same body but have different heads.

    The other members of the Duckman clan is Bernice, who, although she is Beatrice's identical twin, she does not share the same opinion as her sister does about Duckman. In fact, Bernice hates him and tries to undermine Duckman, which isn't too hard. The there's Grandma-ma, who seems to be at least nearly comatose and communicates via flatulence. Finally, there's Gecko, Duckman's dog and only family member he likes.

    At work (for Duckman this word is used loosely), there's multi-talented Cornfed, a level-headed pig who who does most of the private detecting and fixes Duckman's mistakes and maybe helps him learn a thing or, at the most, two; all this while procuring clients and paying the bills. And who could forget Fluffy and Uranus? If you can't remember, just imagine the Care Bears, but with twice the saccharine. These chipper office assistants gladly do all the dirty work and cheerfully try to tell Duckman the right thing to do. So he repays them by skewering, maiming, and trying to destroy them.

    Many of the episodes show what's wrong with Duckman and what's wrong with the world, making Duckman a sort of anti-example. Some issues include over-materialism and declining family values.

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