Duchess of Mklavia

    Character » Duchess of Mklavia appears in 3 issues.

    The Duchess of Mklavia wants to regain the throne of Mklavia, and for it to be a world power with herself as its ruler. She works with Iron Klaw to obtain these goals.

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    The Duchess of Mklavia seeks to restore monarchical rule to the country of Mklavia. She is is the military leader of SKAR, and has managed to elude G.I. Joe's Mr. Clancy for decades.

    The Duchess regularly clashes with her student Iron Klaw, whose objectives are of a grander nature than hers: he wants to rule the world. Though she sometimes takes issue with his violent ways, she recognizes him as the first and best of her students, a place he acquired 'by destroying the others'.

    As part of her schemes, she sends Iron Klaw to retrieve a 'Ferti-Gel' from Professor Reyland, who is under the protection of G.I. Joe. His first attempt ends in failure, but Iron Klaw eventually succeeds. Though the Ferti-Gel was designed to combat famine, Iron Klaw soon discovers a use that is 'more to his liking'.

    He requests an audience with the Duchess to present her the weapon that 'will enable SKAR - and you - to rule the world!'. The Duchess once more corrects him, restating her more limited goals. Iron Klaw apologizes, and presents her a glass of wine as an apology. He offers her a toast, stating: 'To your goals, Duchess - may they prevail as long as you live.'

    The wine soon turns out to have been poisoned with a drop of Iron Klaw's version of the Ferti-Gel, and the Duchess collapses onto the foot of her throne. Before she expires, she curses Iron Klaw and admits that she taught him well. Iron Klaw then turns to the soldiers, threatening to kill those who refuses to accept him as their new leader. They all bow their knees, and exclaim: 'All hail the Iron Klaw!'.

    It is unknown what happens to the Duchess afterwards.


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