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    Being a D.N.Alien, Dubbilex is really a human clone with telepathic powers that has been made to look like an alien.

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    Dubbilex started off his life as a creation of Dabney Donovan in Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #136. He is a so-called DNAlien — a human clone whose DNA was modified to create an alien-looking creature with paranormal abilities, in Dubbilex’s case, telepathic and telekinetic abilities.


    Making his post-Crisis debut in Superman Annual #2, Dubbilex’s origins remained the same: the DNAlien creation of Dabney Donovan. Created as an agent of Project Cadmus, Dubbilex grew close to Superboy. Once Kon-El left the Labs for Hawaii, Dubbilex accompanied him to report his status back to Cadmus Labs. Although their relationship started off somewhat rocky, they became great friends. Superboy taught Dubbilex about many things of the modern world.

    Dubbilex gains many friends of his own while in Hawaii. Agent Rex Leech, Rex's daughter Roxy, TV reporter Tana Moon, and Bibbo Bibbowski's white puppy named Krypto after Superman's Kryptonian dog. Superboy and most of this group end up operating out of a small, weather-beaten, out of the way house. Dubbilex also helps uncover the nature of Knockout, Superboy's super-powered girlfriend. While she had fought villains many times, it was revealed, via Dubbilex's powers, that she casually killed an innocent police officer simply because he was in her way.

    Once Superboy returned to Cadmus, Dubbilex followed and became the Head of Genetics. Although partly blaming himself for Tana Moon’s death, Dubbilex eventually found a retreat and learned from a monk that Superboy needed to move on with life without his guidance. After Superboy left the Project, Dubbilex has stayed in the background.

    Dubbilex, and the rest of Project Cadmus, resurfaced during Countdown Week 32, in an attempt to help Jimmy Olsen with his new superpowers.

    Dubbilex died due to wounds sustained in battle with Codename: Assassin in the "Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen" one-shot.

    The New 52

    Dubbilex appears to be alive in The New 52 when he is encountered during a search of the facilities while the police are looking for Kevin Kho, the new O.M.A.C.

    Powers and abilities

    With powerful psychic abilities, Dubbilex is both telekinetic and telepathic. He is also capable of brain blasts, which can create an extreme amount of pain in an enemy’s head. Dubbilex also uses his telepathy to help coordinate and organize soldiers, as well as Guardian and Superboy, in battle, an ability that Gene-Gnome used for the clone soldiers during the Evil Factory arc.

    Other media

    Young Justice

    He appears in the first episode of Young Justice as part of CADMUS labs staff. He manages to let free Superboy and finally saves the first incarnation of the Young Justice team. He shows strong telekinetic and telepathic abilities. He is voiced by Phil LaMarr.


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