Duane Jones

    Character » Duane Jones appears in 32 issues.

    Duane is the son of Morgan Jones.

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    Duane and his father lived elsewhere in town when the zombie infestation began. Seeing another neighborhood that looked safer, the two move into a house close to Rick Grimes’ home.


    Written by Robert Kirkman and drawn by Tony Moore. Duane is said to have been named after the actor Duane L. Jones, the lead actor in the 1968 film "Night of the Living Dead."

    Character Evolution

    Duane begins as a typical youth that must face the rigors of a zombie apocalypse. He reads comic books and enjoys talking about farts. He eventually dies and becomes a part of the zombie hordes.

    Major Story Arcs

    Rick Meets Duane
    Rick Meets Duane

    As Rick wanders his neighborhood in search of information, Duane fears that Rick may be a threat. He hits Rick over the head with a shovel to keep Rick from eating he and his father, Morgan. Morgan sees that Rick isn’t a zombie and enlists Duane’s help in getting Rick inside. When Rick wakes up, he and Morgan talk about the zombie outbreak while Duane reads on the floor.

    Once Rick is feeling better, Duane and Morgan accompany him to the police station. Duane simply hangs out until the three enter the gun closet. Duane excitedly asks if he’ll be able to use one of the many guns on display. His dad rebuffs him but promises to teach him to shoot the next day. As Rick prepares to leave for Atlanta he gives Morgan and Duane one of the police cars.

    Months after Rick leaves, Duane and his father still live in the same house. Figuring it is about Christmas time, Morgan gives Duane a Gameboy. Duane immediately begins playing it and misses the big speech his dad gives about their messed up world.


    On a day in which the guard is down, Duane gets caught by a zombie. He calls for his dad's help but Morgan is too late. Duane is bitten and soon succumbs to the plague that takes his life. He reanimates as a zombie. Unable to kill his own son, Morgan chains Duane inside the house. Unable to let his son starve, Morgan starts killing strangers and feeding them to Duane. (He rationalizes that the strangers would probably kill him anyway.)

    Dead Duane
    Dead Duane

    Some time later, Rick arrives and Morgan tries to kill him with a shovel. Rick is able to get Morgan to recognize him and Rick talks Morgan into shooting his son. Morgan is left alone and fires a shot. Morgan leaves with Rick. Duane, however, isn't killed. Morgan had shot the chain holding his son inside. Duane is left to wander the streets of his old town.


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