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    Druid is the son of Dr. Druid and an amateur sorcerer. He has been recruited and trained by Nick Fury to serve as part of the Secret Warriors. It is said that one day he will become one of the great heroes. He has recently been recruited in to the Avengers.

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    Son of the deceased Dr. Druid, Druid somehow ended up with a mixture of monster blood in his veins that gave him an inherent connection to powerful levels of magic.


    Druid was created by Brian Michael Bendis as a member of Nick Fury's Secret Warriors, and he was then developed by Jonathan Hickman in the Secret Warriors ongoing series.

    Character Evolution

    Sebastian Druid was introduced as an overweight slacker with great mystical power, but his character arc in Secret Warriors ended with him becoming a trimmer and more confident sorcerer after receiving special tutelage from John Garrett.

    Major Story Arcs

    No One's Apprentice

    Son of Dr. Druid, Sebastian Druid grew up in Hawaii. As time went on, he came to believe he possessed some kind of inherent connection to magic, and this scared him. He did not understand it. He was not sure he could control it. His father left him a book of magic, but it was written in some language Sebastian could not read. Eventually, his desperation to get a handle on whatever was happening to him drove him to leave Hawaii and head to New York. His hope was that Dr. Strange could help him. Sebastian's trip was poorly timed. In the wake of Civil War, Dr. Strange had disguised his Sanctum Sanctorum to appear abandoned under the conceit that he had left town for parts unknown. To Sebastian, it seemed like his trip to New York was going to be a waste. That was when Daisy Johnson approached him.

    Secret Warrior

    Secret Warriors
    Secret Warriors

    For further details: Secret Invasion, Nick Fury: Agent of Nothing, God of Fear, God of War and Wake the Beast

    Sebastian was part of Nick Fury's Caterpillar Files, making him and his special ability known to Fury. He was one a handful of Caterpillars selected and recruited by Fury to be part of the Secret Warriors. Fury had gone underground, and the Secret Warriors were under the impression this was because the Skrulls had infiltrated most of Earth's major institutions, like S.H.I.E.L.D. Sebastian and the other new recruits were put through a harsh, torturous training program under the belief they were going to help Fury fight the Skrulls. And when the Secret Invasion kicked into high gear, that was exactly what Sebastian did, taking part in the Battle of Manhattan and the big final push against the Skrulls.

     Go home
    Go home

    However, the real mission was far from over. Sebastian found out what Fury's secret war was really about, and their enemy was HYDRA. HYDRA was a more dangerous and influential organization than anyone had known, and it was going to be up to Fury and his Secret Warriors to take them down.

    During a meal with his teammates, he was given some mysterious insight into his destiny from the child god Phobos. According to Phobos, Sebastian was going to be the best of the Secret Warriors and go on to be a true hero, helping to make the world a better place more than any of them would. Despite Phobos' prophecy, Sebastian took to Nick Fury's training the least out of the Secret Warriors. His heart was in the fight, but the rest of him may not have been up to it. At least, this was Fury's opinion. When Fury's secret war heated up to include both HYDRA and Leviathan, Fury pressed Daisy to cut Sebastian loose. She refused and made the case that Sebastian had what it took to stay in the fight. Later, Fury gave them all the opportunity to back out, and Sebastian proved Daisy's words correct by opting to stay in. However, Fury remained unconvinced. When he issued out individual orders to relocate to a new headquarters, Sebastian's orders were to go home. He was out.


    Cue the Montage Music
    Cue the Montage Music

    Things were not as Sebastian believed. When he returned home, he found John Garrett waiting for him. He was off the team, but he was not out of the war. Garrett laid the problem out for him. He was fat. He was fat and not trying hard enough to better himself. So Garrett put him through a rigorous training regiment, and Sebastian came out of it slimmer, fitter and a little more confident. Over the next few months. Garrett brought Sebastian along on secret operations for Fury while everyone else believed Sebastian had been permanently sidelined from the war. One of this covert operations had him assisting Garrett in framing HYDRA for the assassination of Magadan, one of the chief members of Leviathan. Sebastian was eventually reunited with his former team as he and Garrett flew an aircraft in to extract the team from Gehenna after the Secret Warriors had infiltrated and bombed the HYDRA base. The reunion was bittersweet, though. During the mission, J.T. and Alexander had died. Now, HYDRA airships were bearing down on their position, leaving them all with little chance of not taking more casualties on the way out. The stress of this situation was finally enough for Sebastian to muster up the confidence he had been lacking, and with his magic, he took out the whole HYDRA fleet.

    Wheels Within Wheels

    The losses of J.T. and Alexander resulted in Fury pulling the plug the Team White, so Sebastian's team was dismissed practically as soon as he returned. He went home to Hawaii again and was accompanied by a distraught Daisy. This lasted until Fury got in touch with her again, readying her to take charge of a new organization that came in the wake of Fury's war against HYDRA and Leviathan. Sebastian joined this new organization along with the rest of the surviving Secret Warriors and Howling Commandos.

    Personal Data


    • Height : 5"9
    • Weight: 219 lbs
    • Eye Color: Blue
    • Hair Color: Black


    • Place of Birth: Hawaii
    • Citizenship: USA
    • Occupation: Secret Agent
    • Known Relatives: Anthony Ludgate Druid (Dr, Druid, father, deceased) Amergin (ancestor, deceased)

    Powers and Abilities

    According to Daisy Johnson, Druid's connection to magic isn't necessarily anything mystical. It is chemical. He was born with unidentified monster DNA that grants him some ability to cast a whole array of spells. He has been seen conjuring up force fields, illusions, monsters and mists without having received any formal magical training.

    Druid has been trained in espionage by none other than Nick Fury. While no athlete, he likely now possesses skills in fighting and tactics beyond the level of an average person.


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