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His fearsome reputation proceeding him, Dromedan the Deviant was locked, bound with a device to neutralize his powers, and sealed within a mountain in the South American country of Peru thousands of years ago. Around 1000 AD, the mighty Thor had wandered near the cave where Dromedan had been sealed, and he heard telepathic pleas for help, and although at first Thor went to aid the mysterious stranger, when he had unlocked Dromedan's prison, he recognized Dromedan as evil, and so resealed the Deviant back in. One of the Eternals, Druig son of Valkin had schemes involving using the powerful Deviant for his own accord and set about releasing Dromedan. Yet once released Dromedan found it easy to mentally overpower Druig. He then went on to unlock Tutinax and Thunder, two powerful minions that would obey him. He would need them, as the Eternals and Thor, had become aware of his escape and had set about stopping him.  
The Eternals Ajax, Virako, and Valkin clashed with Tutinax whilst Thor battled Thunder. Thor had managed to defeat Thunder, however the three Eternals were struggling to cope against Tutinax who beat them unconscious. Tutinax then vanished, even surprising Dromedan. Now alone, he uses his powers to send a wall of water at the heroes, but Thor drains the oncoming wave with mjolnir. Dromedan getting more desperate by the moment, decides to unleash the World Devouring Worm. This huge creature begins growing at an exponential rate sucking and breathing in anything and everything it could. The Eternal Virako takes his own desperate measures and flies into the beasts mouth and explodes killing both. Finally Ajak manages to put a neutralizing helmut on to Dromedan, with Thor sealing it further almost entirely ending the degree of Dromedan's threat. Dromedan had escaped since then one more time, but was rebound by Zuras, but this time under New York. The Eternals would have to face against Dromedan yet again when he was accidentally released by a battle above his natural prison. This time it was the efforts of Sersi, Ikaris and Makkari who needed to stop Dromedan. Though overpowered, Sersi's clever use of her powers allowed Ikaris to sneak up behind Dromedan and neutralize him again. He was resealed in his prison. 


Dromedan the Deviant is a Marvel comics character, created by Jack Kirby. Dromedan first appears in Eternals #16, released in 1977. He also has much of his origin detailed in Thor Annual #7 released in 1978. 

Powers and Abilities

Dromedan is especially powerful, even for a Deviant. His most potent powers are his psychic abilities, incredible telepathy and telekinesis. His telepathy is incredible, allowing for instant enslavement, the control of others, control of sensations and perceptions, and other such mental tactics and tricks. Dromedan also possesses telekinesis.    
Physical Characteristics  
Height: 12' 
Weight: 420 lbs 
Hair:  None 
Eyes: Black

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