Character » Driver appears in 12 issues.

    The enigmatic driver of the Paybacks' van, Driver hides more than just his miraculous superpowers.

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    Driver was the first Payback to ”work” for Mr. Pierce. Due to copyright restrictions, he even can't use his real name anymore. There were rumours relative to his identity for years until, in a fight with High Guard, Driver revealed himself to a stunned High Guard who claimed: "You are Miracl..!"

    After the battle, Driver uttered a word he that he hadn’t said in decades, before being surrounded by a corona of lightning-like energy. The last thing heard was the incomplete word: "Kim..."

    Miracle Who?

    Driver was strongly implied as being the Marvel Comics character, Miracle Man/ Marvel Man. The analogy about his "copyright issues" in the Paybacks story is an analogy of the real life issues relative to the dispute about the property of the Mick Anglo's character between Todd McFarlane, Neil Gaiman and Marvel Comics.


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