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Green Lantern

Status: Deceased

Space Sector: 667

Sector Partner: Service Pre-dated Sector Partners

Homeworld: Criq

Predecessor: Unknown

Successor: Unknown


A master strategist, Driq was a valued member of the Green Lantern Corps of the Klyminade. He was killed by Sinestro and the Mad Sector 3600, however an apparent error in his ring kept Driq in a zombie-like state of near death for some time. Driq would aid in John Stewart and Katma Tui's capture of Sinestro and destruction of the Mad Sector. When the Central Power Battery was destroyed, so to was the power which maintained Driq's reanimated state. He collapsed when the last of his ring's power dissipated, and was finally at peace.

Driq was among the Fallen Lanterns who were resurrected by the Black Lantern Corps. Unlike other Black Lanterns, his chest emblem displays a half Green Lantern / half Black Lantern logo, in reference to his death-like state. On the Black Lantern planet of Xanshi, Driq lured John Stewart to the planet with his old power battery. When Stewart arrived at Xanshi, he was assaulted by Black Lanterns of the people killed when Xanshi was destroyed. Stewart attempted to destroy the Black Lanterns by detonating Driq's battery, but was unsuccessful and was subsequently assaulted by the Black Lantern of Katma Tui.

Stewart later lead an assault of various Lantern Corps to Xanshi. While there, Driq, now speaking through his Green Lantern ring free of the control of the Black Lantern Ring, told Stewart how to destroy the Black Lantern planet, and went as far as to accompany the Corps to Xanshi's Corps. Along with all the other Black Lanterns, he returned to death after the defeat of the Corps.


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